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    A happy client of 360Webhosting

    Well, I actually won the free hosting in the promotion forum... and so far, everything is excelent.

    The server is Dual-based and the load hardly goes more than 1.00(in CPanel, normally stay around 0.5x~0.8x)... every soft is up-to-date including the Cpanel 5...

    The conexion speed is really good... it has both ATT and Cogent... the ping time from here in Canada is really good(at least from my PC which is on [email protected])...

    The only thing that I run on the hosting is a forum for an university's Taiwanese student Club... and has had in record, as much as 89 person connected at the same time in the forum... however, everyone in my university's club has reported an excelent speed to me.

    So, I'd highly recomend everyone to try this hosting....

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    Thanks for the review

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    Hmm.. yeah thanks - good work 360webhosting

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    Good to see people happy with their hosting

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