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Thread: Which to use?

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    Ryanism Guest
    Which to use?

    Hey guys, I'm building a fitness community website that is somewhat like myspace with articles, user profiles, message boards, etc;
    I started to use Joomla, but I'm not sure I like the user profiles with joomla...are there any other programs like Joomla, but maybe better for community websites?

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    Ryanism Guest
    Anyone? Really need help finding a CMS for my site.

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    Apr 2008
    I've used Joomla extensively on many sites and have found it to the best, most flexible open-source content management system around. It is very well supported and there are a ton of add-ons and extensions to meet most needs.
    another program is Drupal, you can use it but joomla is first choice for me.

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    Ryanism Guest
    Is there a way to change how users create their profiles? The profile setup for the joomla I have isn't so user friendly.

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