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    Hostcharge Experience??

    Hi guys, ive been searching around for threads on hostcharge and im looking for some up to date info.

    Can you tell me what experience you have had with them and which of their packages you use?


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    Are you kidding me? HostCharge is the best thing to come along since Cable Television. Dude its only the best choice you can make. If you check out their forums you'll find out a lot of information about new implementations that are coming.

    Sorry when I get enthusiastic about a company I promote the *** out of them.

    Need any more info, drop me a PM.
    Santiago Yajan Cruz
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    Does anyone know who provides their ATM card? Are the funds secure(d)?

    (And yes, I did mail hostcharge, but no response... yet?)

    edit: received a response... supposedly the funds are secured and they use a North American bank.
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