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    Setting up Nameserver on Nocster Server

    Hi All,

    I am stumped, and the nocster support seems to be stumped also.

    First off, I'm a total newbie (still), and this is the first server I"ve had with WHM and Cpanel on it.

    I have a dedicated server with WHM/CPanel4, and I just want to run one single site on it.

    How do I setup the nameserver on it?

    When it was originally setup, they (nocster/burstnet) setup and as the nameservers, and I transferred that through dotster. That went OK.

    Then, they emailed me and told me I couldn't use the nocster nameserver, and that I had to make one on my site. They said they'd leave the nocster entries in place until the and were working properly.

    My domain name is or

    In WHM, I setup: 14400 NS 14400 NS

    They told me this was wrong, and then they (nocster CS) went in and setup:

    ns1 14400 A [firstIP]
    ns2 14400 A [secondIP]

    And told me that was the right way to set it up, and told me that I could now transfer the nameservers in dotster.

    At any rate, when I go into dotster (the registrar) and try to transfer the nameservers to and, they tell me it's wrong and it stays as and

    This has been going on for about a week now since nocster "setup" the ns1 and ns2 entries on my server.

    Now, it's been all weekend and they haven't responded (understandably). But, I wanted to consult with you guys since you're usually much faster response and much more accurate. Thanks,

    *noobie on the loose*

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    You need to create the nameservers at your registrar first.
    Either I missed it, or you didn't do it.
    Take two IPs and register them as ns1 and ns2 at Dotster.

    Log into your Dotster Account
    Click on your domain name
    Click on Update DNS Information
    Click Register Name Server
    In the box beside Host Name, enter ns1
    In the boxes beside IP Address, enter the IP address you want to associate with ns1.yourdomain
    Repeat for ns2

    Now that you have them registered, you'll be able to point your domain to them.
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    Wow, that was VERY easy. SHould have gone here a long time ago...

    Thanks a million.

    Do I need to wait a few days (for the nameserver info to propagate) before I have nocster remove the entries from their nameserver?
    *noobie on the loose*

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    Garrett, yes You have to wait till InterNIC update the database.

    You can check if your Name Servers are registered, just go to, check "Nameserver (ex. or " and enter in the field your DNS server ( or You should see your nameserver there.

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