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    * pconnect or connect?


    I'm hosting a big site, they have an average of 6000-7000 pageviews per day. Although they're not using a lot of our cpu resources, I'd like to clarify something first. Does pconnect reduce the server load? or normal connect is better?

    Thanks in advance.

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    pconnect is less security concious. unless you have each an every user of the site log on then you need to use regular connect....

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    pconnect usually has less overhead because it uses an already opened connection, if there's any. The server load should be reduced because fewer connections per minute are made to the MySQL server.
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    Connection load

    Yes, it does reduce connection load, but it maintains more connections at a given time. For example if a user logs in and goes to a text page where he will read a tutorial, he may not require an active connection for ten minutes while he reads the text. If the total number of connections are say 300, he is using a slot for the whole ten minutes.

    So persistant connections do have overhead as well. It just depends on your site needs.


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