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    Question Feel for Bandwidth & Resources???

    We are considering starting a web hosting business in our area...

    I know my questions will have EXTREME variables in the answers but I'm only trying to get a general idea.

    Just trying to get a feel for how many domains can be hosted on an "individual" Windows 2000 IIS server before having to add another and about how many web sites can be hosted prior to adding additional T-1's?

    I am assuming "general usage" to light activity in the type(s) of accounts we would solicit.

    Any input would be appreciated...


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    I assume you already have a T1?

    Single lines make for a difficult hosting experience. If your only connection goes down you'll very quickly become the most hated person on the block until it's fixed.

    Local Business sites generally don't do much traffic. Assuming the sites are just going to be glorified business cards with a couple emails and possibly a forum you could host dozens of sites on a single server and still have enough processor power left over for [email protected]



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    Yes we currently have a T-1 available .

    Thanks for the help with the language but that's the type of business we anticipate, "glorified business cards" with e-mail.


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    YOu should be able to get a few hundred on the server, maybe you will need some more ram, that is pretty important.

    A t-1 can do about 360 GB per month but that is maxed out. Depending on where your t-1 is from you should experience that much network downtime, from the connection provider, but your network management could cause downtime so be careful.

    As always, you should have a backup plan or connection etc to ensure the worst doesnt happen.

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