Hi, I was checking out the demo on the x-cart.com web site and had a few questions about the "Your shopping cart" area of the store.

I noticed that the items in the cart are displayed with images and with no option to easily update the quantity. Is this the standard way of displaying the cart? It seems very user unfriendly. I am looking for a standard "View Shopping Cart" display that lists the item, quantity, price and item subtotal with the ability to easily remove and adjust the quantity.

I tried to modify this via admin control panel but was not able to get the display I wanted.

Are there any X-cart owners that have been able to get the "View Shopping Cart" to display as I described above?

Also, came across the fact the X-cart store images as Blobs in the database. Why did they do that? Everything I have read says that storing images this way is a waste of resources. Wouldn't it be better to just store the image paths in the db and then FTP the images to that path?

Thanks in advance for your comments.