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    * Website Templates For Sale $6-$20

    More than 100 great web site templates.
    Price from $6.00-$20.00
    We also provide customized work, such as:
    1. Logo design.
    2. Customer forms
    3. Dynamic pop up menus.
    4. ASP(active server page) programming.

    Join our affiliate program and getting 15% or more commission on each purchase made by customers you refer!

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    Where is the link to them?

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    * Sorry, forgot to post the link

    Thanks for reminding me.

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    Just wondering... all the preview pics (of the windows xp templates) have tiny type on the top left hand corner... "designed by somthing "

    Those are not on the templates are they?

    If not and if you got a photoshop version of it, I would by the blue xp one for $10

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    Quote from his site:

    "* Paid templates will have "Designed by:" removed."

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    What are you saying here, if you buy you can remove the designed by, so?

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    Sure, if you buy the license, you will have that "Designed by..... " text removed.
    BTW, I don't sell original PSD file.

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    Hmmm don't know if anyone would want a template that required you to keep a "designed by XXX" mark.

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    Sorry for the ignorance, but when you buy one of these templates, you get the whole template built in HTML?
    or you get just the images that will allow you to build it?

    Simply put, are these templates ready to upload to a server and start working immediately?


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    Pete: If you buy the license which is between $6-$20. You won't have that "designed by xxx" mark on the template.

    Rasilva: You will get the whole template built in HTML. And you can upload it to the server immediatly. The best part about those templates are: you don't need to use any other graphic editing software to edit any images. You just need to change the text, such as: company name, menu, content to fit in your requirement.

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