We are re-branding with a new name - Superhero Networks - and as an intro we are offering some good deals on colo space.

Absolutely no other changes in ownership, majority stockholder or staff. Just a cooler name

The facility is Colo4Dallas, bandwidth is Level3 with a separate Cogent network to follow next month.

Space, power & ethernet for $50.00/mo.
Bandwidth is $50.00/ 40 GB.

We've been around since 1995 in the retail hosting business and since 2000 as a Colocation, wholesale dialup and system managment provider.

We offer a full range of services, available as requested, including monitoring w/ notification for network, system processes, disk space, etc. and also on-call/first call.
Sys admin contracts available for Windows 2000 & all flavors of Unix. FreeBSD & Solaris is our strength/favorites.

1-888-249-4091 or [email protected]