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    Dedicated access

    Hi Everyone!

    After asking about dedicated servers and colo companies, I'd like to know if any of you have a dedicated T1 (full or fractional) going into your offices. If so, who do you use and what has been your experience with them? I may want to look into putting a line into our office and test a non production server for 3-6 months and if all goes well, perhaps move our clients in house.

    Any comments or feedback would be great


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    some good friends do hosting in-house with dual t1 from sprint and savvis (sp?). they've been in business for years and i used to have a dedicated machine on those lines. worked out very well.

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    Its foolish to host on dedicated lines unless you are using enough bandwidth to justify building you own datacenter.

    If you get a full T1 line (1.5 Mb), lets say the loop is $350 and the bandwidth is $500. Your cost per Mb is $566/monthly, and you can't expand.

    Now if you were to colocate, your price per Mb is probably around $400, and you are in a climate controlled, redundant, enviroment with infinite room for bandwidth expansion.

    In a datacenter you have someone else monitoring your connectivity, what are you to do when your T1 line goes down at 3 am? How do you even know? When your customers call and you in a groggy voice say, "I don't know whats wrong".

    You not only save money, but you get a better service!

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