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    Talking any books that teach setup webhosting in whole

    as title

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    Lol - check out the many sites. Although there have been a couple / few "web hosting" books published, by the time they were actually in readers hands the info was obsolete! Search amazon for "web hosting" and i think you will find them.

    Again - with ALL due respect to the authors of those books, any info written more than a few months ago, much less a couple years ago is pretty much old news.

    Careful - they might suggest raising $300mil in VC money and building a data center with AC ducts large enough to drive a volkswagon through.

    Hehe - today's trivia... Anyone remember who made that claim about driving a VW through their AC ducts back in 99 (I believe it was 99)?

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    Absolutely ... your best bet is to explore all the hosting-related sites as much as possible, check out forums like this one on a daily basis and ask LOTS of questions. Like the saying goes, there's no such thing as a dumb question ... except for the question that's never asked.

    Getting a good basic business foundation is also essential, whether you're starting a hosting business or any other type of enterprise. Two excellent resources to help you get started are the Small Business Administration ( and SCORE ( both offer a ton of tools to help you develop a good business plan, research funding options, manage daily challenges, etc.

    One parting thought: Always keep your customers Priority Number One. Remember the Golden Rule: Treat customers the way you'd want to be treated yourself.

    Good luck!

    Shirley Siluk Gregory
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    for technical stuff go here:

    For basic TCPIP stuff and "how the net works 101" head to:

    BIND stuff:

    BIND to djbdns:


    bash scripting:

    ...that is all on the more technical side. There is a business side to webhosting, revenue, margins, etc. He can pick up a high school economics book and breeze through that in a few days.

    After html, learn xhtml/css/php

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    Take a look at

    Havent read these books yet, but they look interesting.

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    Originally posted by lpguitars
    Hehe - today's trivia... Anyone remember who made that claim about driving a VW through their AC ducts back in 99 (I believe it was 99)?
    From memory it was Equinix:
    and it was a whmag writer who mention the VW thing, I think

    Greg Moore
    Former Webhost... now, just a guy.

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    Greg - GOOD ONE! You are the winner - and nailed it all the way down to the WHmag article.

    Please email me off list for your prize... (no joke).


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    Thx to all nice guy here !!
    Is there any forums like this one ??
    In fact, I know only.

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    A new one out:

    Understanding Linux Webhosting

    That's the only one I know of that goes through actual hardware/software setup... others I've seen simply hit the business aspects such as planning, marketing, specialization, etc.
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