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    Site Review...just a quickie!

    Would be grateful for any feedback at all..Pleeeeze?
    Site is...

    Would really like comments on load time for the pics too ty all will do same for you too if you want!

    Ps.. this is in now way site isn't listed with the search peeps yet!

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    I do not like the background. There are 2-3 fonts on your site. Try Arial, Verdana, Tahoma etc. These are widely used fonts. I only like your logo. Rest nothing is good on your site.

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    The site is too slow and i could not see any pics too, the font is Times new which looks kiddish. The background is ok.

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    The brick background is kinda out of style, I would change that 4 sure.


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    Images are too small and far to chunky.
    Text is far too hard to read.
    Background image is fine but layout needs to be centered/centralized if there is going to be such limited content.


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    You people really like the brick bg? I wouldnt use it for a prof. site perhaps for a play site yes, but then again not even.


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    The brick bg has been used to death yes - but in this case it's rather inert while giving it a little texture. The focus is the text and the image doesn't interfere with that so it works.


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