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    * Openwebmail deleting unread mail !

    A customer on a raq4r had 140 new mails in his inbox, after opening one and turning back to the inbox there where only 20 (old ones) left.

    Did anyone else ever had a case like this?
    I looked at the users mailbox using pine, but the mail is really gone. Is there any place where i can find them?

    Thanks !

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    the cpanel team decided one time that openwebmail would be cool...

    That lasted about 3 days. It hit public servers as new default and started deleting mail messages everywhere.

    I don't know if there was any recovery for the tonnes of mail that was lost.

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    Click the Floder button in Openwebmail and do reindex to all your folders. The emails will appear again if they were not really deleted.
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