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    * Wanted - Web Design (Template) + Logo

    Hi Guy's

    I'm looking for the following:

    1 - A webdesign template (original please, included all psd files etc) for my new webhosting business.
    2 - A logo designed for my webhosting business. (high quality tiff or similar)
    3 - Easy intigration into
    4 - Easy intigration with perldesk

    I'd like from you the following:

    What I'd like from you:
    Please post all replies in this post (no emails, no PM's) with your contact details, a URL to some of your work and a rough price guide.

    What you will get from me:
    A prompt payer (more than happy to pay a deposit upfront via paypal and rest of completion) and someone who is straightforward and honest.

    I'm looking get this done within the week.

    Thanks in advance


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    hi there,i m currently building mu portoflio,i didnt have time due to work traffic,anyway.
    i do quality work,with kinda good rates,that what made PIA trust me for site redesign,u can check my demo
    hehe,this doesnt make me from pakistan by the way.
    also for a brooker company
    and for some easter electronics company
    ,and lots of other stuff.that i dont remember right now =-))
    also i do cartoons,so check
    for logos,i made 3 cartoon logos,that i can send u,and 3 other logos for companys all around the world,canada,usa,GB.
    about my programing skills,i did some jobs for clients over here,like IGY...and somothers.
    i do php,asp,perl...etc.
    i also have my own hosting,u could check my webdesign,and programming portoflio over there.

    well i do logos for 75$,and templates for 150$.
    for the programming thing,it depends on how much time it gonna take me but i think 100-200$ for it.

    contacts: emails: [email protected]
    icq: 31191645
    msn: [email protected]

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    * Check my template site

    Hi: Come to my site .
    I'm doing logo design too. Normally I charge $100 for the printing quality logo which means you can print the logo on your business card, letter head,.... For the logo only used on the website, it's $50.

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    Hi Matt,

    I am a freelance web & application developer based in Connecticut. Currently I am in the process of starting a web & application development firm specializing in the following areas.

    Evolve3 Media Solutions Service Offering:
    • Web Design & Development
    • Programming & Integration
    • Interface & Interactive Media Development
    • Maintenance
    • Project Planning & Strategy

    Most Current Work
    For further information and a price quote please feel free to contact us.

    Contact Information

    Phone: 860.621.0148
    Email: [email protected]

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    Here are about 12 new designed web hosting templates. Please do not bid less than US$ 70.00 for each.

    The templates will not be resold. Any comment is highly appreciated.

    Template 01
    Template 02
    Template 03
    Template 04 ** Nice one
    Template 05
    Template 06 ** Nice one
    Template 07 ** Nice one
    Template 08
    Template 09 ** Nice one
    Template 10
    Template 11 ** Nice one
    Template 12 ** Nice one

    Bids start from US$ 70.00

    Have a wonderful day :-)
    Amir Golestan
    Executive Director | Micfo
    delivering the divine hosting experience™ | AS53889

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    Wow, well done... I like number #9

    I get it for US$ 80.00

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    Headmaster: Are those your designs?
    Anybody want those designs? I can get them for you for $30-$50
    If you want it, please contact me.
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    Hi, please find my portfolio here:

    Price are mentioned at the site.

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    Here's my comment:
    I remember seeing lots of those templates you are offering on another template site.
    They are a lot cheaper there and are being resold...

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