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    ICDsoft servers and choosing a host

    I'm pretty new to this, and have been doing some research on finding a good web host. I hear a lot of good things about ICDsoft, but a few have also pointed out that their servers are Hong Kong based. Does anyone have any feedback on how it's affected speed? Anything to worry about?

    Also, this feels like an odd question, but I've been looking at hosts such as Cyberpixels, E-Starr, Hostradius, etc and many ppl tend to point out their target audience being teens and blog-type sites. Should this hold any bearing when choosing a good and fitting host? My site is more of a gallery/archive information site.

    I'd be grateful for any info or opinions anyone can offer.


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    I've been using ICDSoft for about 2 months now, and the servers seem 'ok' in speed. It is do-able for me, with a hobby site. I haven't noticed any downtime on my server, and the new account setup time was super fast, the rates are cheap, and the management panel offers enough for me to do what I need to do.

    So far, so good. Yes, they are based in Hong Kong.

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    New to ICDSoft

    I just signed up but my goodness they are quick. Within minutes of charging my card they had an e-mail in my box and this was at 4:30 in the morning my time (I work late).

    The e-mail was not only quick, it was clear, infomative, had all the info i need etc.

    i changed the DNS stuff at Netsol and then uploaded my site to their servers without a hitch using a temporary address.

    everything surprisingly smooth so far (esp compared to ADDR.COM and LUNARPAGES.COM, my two previous web host, both of which were fraught with setup problems).

    So far (24 hrs, almost) I'm very happy.

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