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    searching for host/partner

    I am the creator of the MMRPG "First Star Online" (Official Site ).

    I am in need of a good, reliable server host for this game. The game runs the Macromedia Shockwave Multiuser Server, which all of the games run. It's a small, fast Windows (95, 98, NT, 2k, etc) application.

    This game is currently free and in beta stages until the release, which will be in about 2 months time. Unfortunately, finding a server host has been difficult. As I said, this is a free game right now and to spend $100/month just for a shared server isn't worth it, not right as this moment at least.

    I'm looking to strike some sort of deal with a host, someone looking to make a "future investment" as it were. For the host interested, I would be willing to put their company's banner directly on the main site and recommend the host to the players. We get between 400-1200 hits/day, and currently we are trying to keep the word quiet on the game since it's only in beta. We're listed on one gaming site. We get 80% of our hits from there. I will also be willing to pay for the hosting, but I simply cannot pay the costs that most people are charging right now.

    The server application requires a Windows (or Mac) machine (no Linux, unfortunately). The app requires anywhere from about 16 meg RAM to possibly 24-32 max. HD space is only around 20 meg max. The app will run about 15k/sec upload and download bandwith on average. It should go a little above that during peak hours and a lot below that during low usage.

    When this game is officially released in 2 months another deal can be made, right now I need to find a potential partner willing to give this a chance.

    please email me at [email protected] if you are interested.

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