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    what happened to totalhost?

    my server has been down for about a month now.. and they are still taking money from my account?! wtf? I have two other friends that I signed up with them and they both say that they have recieved no response from support... what should I do? I just got back from vacation and it was down when i left.. but I figured that it was just a fluke.. now here I am .. 3 weeks later and the damn thing is still down!

    Is there anyone else here with them? how the hell do i get reimbursed for the last month? how do I stop them from taking my money next month?!!

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    same problem here.... down for a long time now, and the home page is no longer up either.

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    yep. same problem here. djfony told me about totalhost and it seemed decent enough, so i signed up.

    however, its been almost 2, 3 weeks now that my website has been down. the first day i realized it, i thought it might've been just a server upgrade or something so i thought nothing of it. then it never went back up.

    i got charged august 23 for the coming month, even though my site has not even been working. is NOT working either. approx aug 26th or so, i emailed totalhost inquiring about it. the email went through because it didn't get returned to me. no reply. then a few days ago, i emailed total host again, and this time, our dear old friend mailer-daemon returned the email to me, meaning total host has gone and skeedaddled.

    what you CAN do though, is go to , the service they use to bill you automatically every month, and create a complaint ticket. (its under the contact us section or something like that). i currently have a ticket with them, and the reply i've gotten so far is that they'll try to contact totalhost and if they dont reply within 48 hrs, they'll take some action. what that action is i dont know yet, they havent updated my ticket thread. but they do mention that possible results could be that you get your money back.. so that might be a way to go.

    i'll let you know if i manage to get my money back and to make em stop charging me entirely.

    my problem now is... what the hell am i gonna do with the domain name that i bought? it doesnt expire until feb. 28 2003, and i have no host and no money anymore. freakin hell.

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    so did anyone ever hear anything about this?

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    I would change host ASAP. Once you get evenything worked out and they stop charging you.

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