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    Exclamation Chiefs Win! Chiefs Win!

    With perhaps the best football game I've seen in awhile, Kansas City has pulled a win this NFL Kickoff Sunday out of thin air! With two completely moronic penalties at the end by Cleveland with the one of the special teams players, and then a defensive player. Kansas City was able to kick a field goal at the end to win it with a score of 40 to 39. This will make headlines I'm sure on Sportscenter, be sure to catch the excellent highlights.

    - A Chiefs Fan
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    Too bad I don't watch football and really don't care for the sport.
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    Originally posted by flitcher
    Too bad I don't watch football and really don't care for the sport.
    So you wanted to reply to increase your post count...?

    More detailed report for those to lazy to turn on Sportscenter:

    It was a great game between the Kansas City Chiefs, and the Cleveland Browns. The score was 36 to 37 Kansas City leading with 33 seconds left in the 4th. Neither team had any timeouts at this point, and it was 4th down for Cleveland deep in Kansas City territory.

    The Browns attempted a ~41,42 yard field goal to put them on top. The ball was snapped, the kick was up, and the ball went right down the middle of the goal posts making the crowd at Cleveland Stadium roar with excitement.

    But hold everything....there was a flag after the play.

    Someone on the field goal unit apparently taunted the Chiefs which cost them 15 yards on the kickoff. The field goal was still ruled good since the penalty was after the play was over.

    So the score at this point was Cleveland 39, Kansas City 37.

    This penalty meant the Browns would be kicking off from their 15 thanks to the idiot who couldn't wait until after the game to rub in the victory he thought they had clenched.

    Dante Hall returned the ball the best he could, but didn't get past midfield even on the return. So with 21 seconds left the Chiefs ran a 4 wide receiver route play, but then Green had to scramble from the oncoming rush to about the Chiefs 45 with the clock running down.

    The Chiefs offense scrambled back into formation so that Trent Green could stop the clock, and they did so successfully with only 4 seconds left.

    Kansas City was going to try one more time with the same 4 WR formation. Cleveland rushed again, and Rudd (A defensive player on the Browns) got ahold of Green and then proceeded to throw down his helmet in celebration because he thought he had sacked him.

    But what he failed to realize was that Trent Green was able to lateral the ball at the last second to John Tait (of all who rumbled down the field with 4 big offensive player escorts into Cleveland territory. Everyone thought the game was over at this point, there was no time left on the clock.

    But wait...remember that defensive player who threw down his helmet in celebration? That's right, there was yet another penalty to be called on the moronic antics of the Browns. Plus, a game cannot be ended on a defensive penalty, and the real kicker is that the penalty yards are tacked onto whatever the offense gained on the play.

    With no time left in the game, the Chiefs had a chance to kick a 30 yard chip shot with old reliable himself, Morten Anderson. Of course the veteran NFL kicker Anderson made the kick look like nothing, causing perhaps what could be one of the top games as far as endings go this season.

    Final score - Cleveland 39, Kansas City 40.

    I'm sure that all the fans of Cleveland are not too pleased with the two players that essentially cost them the game.
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    We didn't throw any bottles at them this time though... hahahahahahahahahaha

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