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    ask for help

    in "cPanel4"....there is a "redhat linux" interchange shopping cart.........if i got that, does it means that i don't have to buy an extra billing solution to bill my customer??

    (i saw there is a form for filling credit-card info. inside the shopping cart, but i don't know whether it works or not)

    also, how can i get the funds after that systems receive the funds from customers?



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    Hello friedmanlo,

    Interchange shopping cart cannot process credit cards. If you have it, you still need to get trusted merchant account from companies that provide credit card processing services. However, You can integrate the credit card processing with Interchange shopping cart.

    Some recommended merchant account providers are: and
    These companies will take care of all your billing needs.
    they take your customers credit cards and send you the funds by cheque or wire transfer to your bank account.


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