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    Nice Template & CMS

    I am put this template up for sale :


    I am not sure of the asking price however I'm not going to accept under 30 dollars for the template alone.

    with the template alone I will give customsation , slicing , psd or png file , fonts and everything else required.

    I also mentioned in the title about a cms (content management system) which I am willing to build using this template for people who don't want to traql through editing html pages , I am not great with php and mysql however I can build an efficent , bug free ,simple cms. For this kind of work I would want 300 dollars minimum.

    If you think I am asking to much or have a suggestion please tell me , thanks.

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    wow, I like this one

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    thats a really nice template keep up the great work

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    You have done a nice job. Good luck.

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    thanks for the comments.

    I am not going to offer it at a 100 $ for a straight buyout which includes a rollover menu or a dropdown menu as optional and a inside page.

    I am talking to preospective buyers but it is still open for offers and bids.

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