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    google listings

    How long does it take to get listed on google? I saw the google bots going thru my pages....Does that mean it will be listed soon or what? Thanks!
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    It depends on your link popularity whether or not they actually list you. It might take a couple spiderings to actually make it in. You can help it along by using

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    3,729 that case, it looks like we're all in trouble!

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    Re: google listings

    Originally posted by dbbrock1
    I saw the google bots going thru my pages....Does that mean it will be listed soon or what? Thanks!
    Generally if you've seen a "deep crawl" where they've hit all or most of your pages, as opposed to just a ramdom hit or two, you can expect to get in with the next monthly update. The update has been beginning between about the 21st and 27th each month. Lately, too, there've been some sites that seem to appear outside of the update period... so you could make it in earlier, but that's very rare.

    Expect to be there at the end of the month!
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    The secret to becoming popular on is simple: Make sure lots and lots of websites link to you. Each time a webpage links to you, Google takes this as a 'vote' for your website. Now here is what I like to do:

    Pick a keyword you would like to be listed under. Then do a search for it on Now visit and examine the first ten pages that come up. What are they doing to get listed higher? What are they doing to make sure they dont lose thier positions to someone else. Now, try to exchange links with these people. I mean really work at if you have to. Pay for a link if thats what it takes, espically if you can get linked on the main page.

    Getting linked on one of the "top ten" pages counts even more than a link just anywhere, and if you can get yourself linked on the main page of several of them, begins to think you are more important and will put you right up there.

    The fact is that people who sit and play around with thier meta tags all day are wasting thier time. People who form little alliances with other webmasters are the ones who get ahead. I have had my sites listed in number one slots for difficult keywork searches before, and this is how I get there.

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