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    Unhappy Matrix Reseller.. SO DAMN CONFUSED!

    Only thing thats confusing about them is the 15 Billable accounts. What the hell.. What happens after I finish using up 15 billable accounts and have no money to pay for each additional billable accountS? Could I still host customers without the CP.. Would i then need to get my own merchant account since I can no longer bill through them (since my 15 billable accounts is up)?.. Could I still control the customers plan (ie, amount of diskspace, bandwidth, etc..) even though i ran out of billable accounts? GESE AND I THOUGHT I HAD THEM ALL FIGURED OUT, WAS GONNA SIGN UP WITH THEM TODAY.. BUT NOW THEY JUST SCREWED ME UP IN THE HEAD SOME MORE!.

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    Also, is the 4 dollars for each additional billable account a ONE TIME FEE, or is it added on to your monthly price.. (ie. 35.00/per month with 1 additional billable account = 39.00/per month)?

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    Don't you think they could answer this better than others here? Why not email those questions to their sales dept I am sure they will be glad to help.

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    From what I can tell, you are given those 15 accounts to use as part of the plan. Each new user that you want to have their own control panel counts as an account. Each account can have multiple domains.

    One thing that is not abundantly clear, is that you will use 3 of those accounts right off the bat for your account plan, service plan, and some other thing I think.

    If you were going to use just one account and set people up under that - don't! Each user would have complete control over every domain in the account.

    The $4 fee is a one time charge that is passed on by H-Sphere for a user license. Its only one time - not monthly!

    Hope that helps
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    Right on the dot

    (though you don't necessarily have to have 3 accounts 2 would do to, I only use 2. But then again I am not an "active" reseller )
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