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    where to get smtp server service?


    Is there a specific hosting company that provides smtp service for customers who only need smtp server?


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    Just SMTP? I doubt it. Most companies wouldn't want to run the risk of other people's customers' spam sprees. At least when I provide SMTP for my clients, I know where they live, and they know where my Lawyer lives; so we don't have spam issues.
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    that would be pointless, because most ISPs block the use of any SMTP server that isn't their own. Why don't you get internet access from an ISP and use their SMTP server?

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    We are a reseller of and fasthosts doesn't provide SMTP service for the domains hosted on their servers.

    However most of our customers need smtp service as their ISP's sometimes doesn't provide smtp. That's why we are looking for a web host that can provide smtp service for us.

    We will of course limit the domain names that can send email using our smtp server. If you know this kind of a hosting company please let us know.

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    Originally posted by ChickenFart
    that would be pointless, because most ISPs block the use of any SMTP server that isn't their own.
    Ive had over 10 ISPs my life and only one ever did and that doesnt count because that is AOL and they dont offer SMTP of any sort.

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    Well, maybe (and it is a distant maybe), you can work out an arragement with a host to provide them with customer details and they will provide SMTP for you, however a better solution is...

    1) Choose a reseller who allows SMTP as your current provider isn't meeting your needs, and the needs of your clients.

    2) Lease a small server (a RaQ3 or older white box will do) and set up SMTP services on this box. - Where professionals discuss web hosting.


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    Chicken: Thank you for your kind reply.
    We will consider your recommendation.

    P.S. : Can we include our url as our signature on the bottom of our posts? Or is it agains rules?

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