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    Looking for valuable design partnerships

    Hi. We're a young design company with a crew of very talented designers and developers and have had quite a bit of intrest from WHT for our services. Our first set of projects are drawing to a close and we are looking to take on more work in the coming days/weeks. Our designers are extremely talented and you can see some of their work below:

    A more complete list of work can be found at Please bear in mind that this is just some of their previous work and by all means, not all. If you would like to see some of the work that they have done under the name of then please get in touch and I will upload some.

    So what I am asking is if some companies/individuals would like to outsource their design and/or development work to us. Ofcourse it should benefit both parties, we get work and you manage to supply your clients with a high quality design/website.

    This sort of arrangement would be perfect for a hosting company who gets asked for webdesigns from their clients. We're open to suggestions on how such a relationship may work ie who's name the design will be under, if it's based on commision or do you buy the designs from us for a fixed amount.

    Basically we are looking to make some partnerships with companies/individuals that would benefit both parties. All suggestions are welcome.

    If you have any questions/comments please either reply to this thread or contact me via one of the following ways:

    Email: [email protected]
    Aol: zubairahmed1984
    Msn: [email protected]

    Additionally if you would like a site done/re-dsigned please get in touch and we'll go about getiting a quote for you.

    Thanks and Take Care
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