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    Could anyone give me some suggestions(based on experience only please) of good places to advertise??

    Cost effective solutions such as google, etc...
    With that in mind is google ad words good, im a little reluctant to use it..

    Any other good ones?

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    perl -le '$_=`man perlfaq1`;print/"(j.*)"/'
    Contacting well-known freebie code sites and design is always a good start. I've heard of people still buying rotations on Link Exchange, too. I've never used Google Ad Word, but we're thinking of taking it for a spin later today.
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    At present we just use forums and search engines, we are currently re-designing our site and would then like to invest in some advertising, nothing to extravagant 2 start with, so i would also appreciate any ideas.

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    Can advertise through Links trading / search engine / placing ad on some good sites.

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    Take advantage of ALL the free listings you can find on all the numerous hosting directories. Most of the dirs still offer various channels of free promotion in the forms of user votes and reviews, plan searches, owner interviews, press releases, etc.

    Although I don't know of anyone that's built a major brand going the total "grass-roots" route, I do know of several hosts that have pulled in many signups that route.

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    Any ISP directories that I can list my ISP?

    I know of already, by the way.
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    Originally posted by Benjamin
    Any ISP directories that I can list my ISP?

    I know of already, by the way.
    You'll have to visit as many as you can and make your own listings, most directories have an automatic system to add listings.
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    Hey Benjamin,

    you mean as in really isp and not web hosting? If so, although I don't think there are many out there, there are a few. I know places like and offer listings for isps - but I am not sure if for free.

    A couple others I ran accross were:

    These were all from a search for "isp directory" on Yahoolio. (Yahoo).

    Good luck.

    (oh PS - save your time chicken, we don't own any of those sites!!! )

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    Thanks lpguitars, you're too generous!
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