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    Needed: FORM HELP!

    Hi I just have a quick problem...should be easy to fix but I don't know the answer.

    I have my e-mail login on my main page and is located at the bottom on the page...when the page loads then jumps down to the e-mail form where the cursor is blinking in the first form do I stop this from happening? Thanx.

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    I think it is because of the java script you are calling. I would suggest moving your email form to the the top of the page, just below the nav bar.

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    Just remove "onLoad="f.login_username.focus()"" from your body tag....


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    Your site looks good with good graphics. I could not see any problem on your site.

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    yup..remove the onload event and the focus from the username textbox.

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    That page doesn't exsist anymore

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