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    Bounceweb Experience?

    Hmm... I didn't see very many users opinions or information about bounceweb (except for the downtime of 3 days in may 2002?) and the failed server... does anyone have any experience with them? My friend who has signed up with them says that their support isn't very good, one line replies.. and he's already paid, but hasn't gotten any details yet or anything else...

    I already have another webhoster, whom I think is pretty good (except for the wierd moving part to Texas and people saying something about connection isn't as good as where the servers are not, but I dunno anythign about that), but I do worry about my friend, and I hope that he gets some information for the website that he has paid from them soon... ^^

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    -_-;;;; It's been 4 days, my friend said that they got the money, but they didn't sent him any information about set up or anything like that... he even emled them and they asked him what the problem was when he emled them. >.< Ugh. Maybe he needs to find a better hoster... >.<

    And their forums look deserted... ^^;;;;

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