What Is Status2k?
Status2k is a server monitoring and administration script allowing you to monitor your server. Not only is it a simple tool for clients to check on how the server is preforming its also a valuable administrative tool allowing admins to check log files, bandwidth usage, high load processes and much more all via a web based control panel. Status2k is coded entirely in PHP and can be setup on most servers in under 5 minutes.

Some Status2k Features:
  • Monitor custom ports on any server (also port/service uptime in percentage).
  • Notification if service/port goes down via email.
  • Notification of high load (e-mail includes the 5 most cpu-consuming processes).
  • Show current Load/Memory/Swap & Hard Drive usage.
  • Server announcements/news area (with RSS feed).
  • CPU/Processor information (Client view).
  • Current server uptime (day/hour/min/sec).
  • Average server load (Client view).
  • PHP/MySQL/Zend version (Client view).
  • Kernel/Distro/Platform (Client view).
  • Dynamic server images (Load/Uptime).
  • PHPInfo (Client view).
  • Password protected admin area.
  • Live admin area (AJAX) displays Load, Memory, Swap, Ports/Services, Users in SSH & Connection Stats.
  • Admin Logs Access, Suexec, DMESG, Error & Custom Logs.
  • Bandwidth monitoring both incoming and outgoing data.
  • Load, Memory, Swap & Bandwidth graphs.
Contact Us: http://status2k.com/contact.html
Sale FAQ's: http://status2k.com/forum/index.php?showforum=22
Demo: http://status2k.com/demos.html

License Prices?
Semi-Annual = $14.95
Yearly = $24.95

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