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    Professionaly Designed Templates For Sale [still not sold]

    Hi, All!!!

    I have another one professional and unique designs for sale.

    Some parts of the layout are not at full-resolution (original template is 760x740px).

    You will get the source files in PNG (FireWorks format) or PSD (PhotoShop format) for template, fonts.
    You will get the HTMLS: 1 Main page & 1 Sub page (for customization), sliced images.
    There will be no additional charges for minor customizations (Color scheme, text....).
    Flat monitor on right-top made in 3ds max, i can change screen picture to another........

    Make me an offer to:

    [email protected]

    or pm me

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    Good Work! should sell pritty quick!

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    When is the bidding over?
    There is no best host. There is only the host that's best for you.

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    just make me an offer
    pm or e-mail me

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    What price range are we lookin at here?

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    Very nice template. Should sell easily.

    Do note, and don't take this as a thread-crap, but I read some some marketting webpage that psychologically people deal with different colors when it comes to advertising and webpages.

    Yellow webpages were exited the quickest of the colors, sadly.

    Maybe if it doesn't sell for the price you are looking for, might want to change the color schema and see how it sells then.

    I like yellow though and think it's a nice template.


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    iam looking for $60+

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