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    Lightbulb Suggestion to Admins: Hardware for Sale Forum?

    I know I am just a peon here... but I do have a suggestion.

    Can we have a "Hardware for Sale" forum in the advertising section? I know that hosting companies are constantly trashing stuff from thier datacenters that some of us may find useful (older servers, rack cases, older UPS systems, etc).

    I for one like to buy older stuff for the more mundane tasks here because it saves so much money. And god only knows we have lots of people who own hosting companies here who would be more than happy to sell some of thier junk off...

    Comments on this anyone?

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    Sounds like a neat idea. I have a feeling we will only receive links to eBay auctions in them though

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    Yeah. That should be banned. Thats why eBay has a search utility on there.

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    FS/FT forums are ALOT of work.You also have to deail with Trolls who rip people off constantly.Those type of forums also take alot of moderators to controll propoerly.Then you have all the legalthreats when someone does get ripped off and makes a "John Doe is a thief and here is all his info"I Mod and admin at 3 large FS/FT forums and it is alot of work for the board admins.

    I also run a FS/FT rating site at
    A FS/FT forum can be a great thing if you dont mind the work involved.If they do start one here you guys should check out the following sites
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    I'd rather use eBay, since buyers/sellers are protected there.
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    I like the idea
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    Originally posted by York1
    FS/FT forums are ALOT of work.
    Yep. I don't really think I'd want to see it here. Even if I never looked into that section of the site, you know what would happen: arguments there would spill into the lounge anyway.

    Also, there are so many for sale resources on the web already that unless it really became popular here you'd be unlikely to find what you want or to find a really good deal.

    And I've never believed in the "build it and they will come" approach to forum topics. Hardware ads can be placed in Related Offers, and there never have been many. If that forum was full of hardware offers, I'd probably think a separate area for them would make sense.

    P.S. And, this probably should have been in "WHT Suggestions and Feedback."
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    I think the related requests forum is enough to handle this.
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    cool, welldone to those grey cells!!! What a great idea! Can someone get back to us and let us know if this is taken up and actioned or not please.

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    Heh!!! want tp sell junks on WHT?

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    Will this remain a forum then? It will more become an auction site. Better we start an ebay kinda thing here then.

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