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    You may get a kick out of this

    Thought you guys might get a kick out of this email exchange....
    this is an exchange with the guy running hosting off DSL....

    > FUAH! Take your Read Only Memory, that Mindcoil knot you call a brain, and
    > stick it where the sun don't shine.

    yes, insults like this really show the professionalism involved.

    > You are blind to the times. You do not adequately distinquish between
    > Operating System, server side objects, and services privided.

    let's go over some of your services offered shall we mate.
    you use analog as your choice of stats program (nuff said)
    your website and HOSTING are on a dsl connection (your joking...)
    your using illegal programs, ms-sql, etc (MS is being emailed about this)

    > You are obviously a UNIX bigot. Stuck in a time warp. Into pushing static
    > pages that serve up no functionality. Then feel socially abused by the spam
    > you receive because you reveal your Email addresses to every mindless robot
    > that comes along. UNIX hosts have virtually no functionality.

    who cares about spam? nobody. (that is what filters are for....)

    Unix hosts have virtually no functionality? I know several unix hosts that can do everything windows NT/2000 do plus have every benefit that unix offers.
    Similarly, I know several windows hosts that do the same. (yours however is not even remotely comparable to those)

    > FYI, no one else has SPAM Free Email or Grandfathered Backups. I know.

    actually most everyone keeps an archive of tape backups you dolt.

    > I have been doing web sites for over eight years now. I started back when
    > there was nothing but UNIX.
    > I am not a newbie.

    and you are using a free web template for your sites design, babble on incessantly on your site and give little relevant info, and no reason to go with your inferior hosting..... (ok......)

    Give it up guy, you are not even comparable to those fly by night resellers out there that disapear daily. By the way this email and the first one from you as well as my replies are being posted to quite a few "funny" sites, as well as all webhosting related message boards.

    Have a great day dolt.

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    haha, might even compete with the great SAH!
    nah he doesn't even come close.

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    "UNIX hosts have virtually no functionality"

    Just speechless. That statement alone tells me he had one too many beers and tried to make a bad, bad joke... or that he has absolutely no idea what he's talking about.

    Luckily if it's the latter, he'll be out of business before we have to suffer through another one of his chatlogs.
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