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    * Webhosting Company For Sale and .net are for sale. These sites were recentlly registered and have a year left on them.

    The site comes with a layout.

    The site has no customers on it. So this is ideal site for a design company wanting to start up a hosting site.

    Also the site is located on a reseller plan. Has Custom Name Servers and the reseller plan is 5 gigs with 50 gig bandwidth. for $22.50 a month. you can switch this to a diff reseller plan when u buy it or u can keep it on the one currentlly.

    Im starting the bidding at 70$

    If anyone is interested contact me.

    My aim sn is LuDaDaBuDa

    My Yahoo Sn is LuDaDaBuDa

    My email is [email protected]

    Contact me any the following ways i would be happy to discuss the site with u.


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    Wrong Forum.
    Try the Related Offers and Requests Forum

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