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    Why don't a lot of host not allow...?

    linking to adult-related material? I can understand why they might not want adult material on their servers, but why not linking?

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    same reason....linking to adult sites will still hog up resources because of all the through traffic the site will get...

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    For many the choice to avoid adult content is a 'personal one'. They simply do not want to support the distribution of it online and therefore this would include links to it. In addition to this, they of course want to avoid legal issues and high resource issues that come with supporting adult content. Adding the "no links clause" to the terms helps to avoid confusion and misunderstandings in the area.

    A host that claims to not host adult content may appeal more to certain site owners than a host that does, yet when they visit other sites you host and see adult content being delivered it can make them feel as if you either don't monitor the services you offer or maybe really do host adult content, or maybe they need to contact you to get this 'obscene' site kicked off your server. What they may have seen however was an "Adult Directory" that had no "Adult Content" but rather just thousands of links to adult content or maybe they saw a site simply framing over another adult website whereby it "looked like" this site was delivering the content when in reality they were displaying "another site" within their frames.

    In short, the "no links" clause helps to ensure the rule is complete and understood.

    By allowing links the no adult content host opens a door to essentially 'hosting adult content' via banner ads, adult link directories, pop ups, and frames etc due to "loop holes" invented by certain types of site owners...
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    well put Deb!

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    Yes, the legal issues as well as moral issues would stop me from doing so. A lot of adult sites are in fact, illegal. Unless a site can provide paperwork on all women on their pages, most companies won't do it.

    And for the morality of it all, they just don't feel it's right, and I agree.

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    I don't care much about the moral point I'm afraid
    If peeps want to have nude pics of them on the internet then they can post nude pics of them on the internet. Who am I to apply my morals onto them?

    No, its a pure selfish reason. Often these sites cause trouble. If they have a private section people will try to hack into it to get free p0rN. But the main concern is that they'll be sending out spam to advertise their site. Many do (not all of them but just not worth the risk - see hostpacket threads)

    Not too concerned about resource usage. I don't really understand that. They pay for resource usage and if they go over they pay more. Good for them, good for you...? I just loooove a site that does 100 GB of bandwidth

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    Originally posted by Pilgrim
    Not too concerned about resource usage. I don't really understand that. They pay for resource usage and if they go over they pay more. Good for them, good for you...? I just loooove a site that does 100 GB of bandwidth [/B]
    If you're billing up front, of course.

    Two of the largest problems a webhosting company faces: fraud and nonpayment, are generally more rampant with adult website customers than any other.

    You also have to imagine many hosting companies are leasing their servers or getting their bandwidth from upstream companies, and such hosting companies have to adhere to the policies of their providers as well as the policies they dictate themselves.

    It may be a personal choice, or they may just be covering their ( Y )
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    More often than not, I have found that the hosts that *DO* allow adult content are not only cheaper but they also build thier networks better. Well come on, you kinda have to. If you stream 500 channels of video over the net using RealPlayer, you need provide your cleints with some serious bandwidth.

    And most adult sites that are going to big enough to be in a position to cause any problems are gonna demand a dedicated server (or a whole rack of them) because you cant serve up 100,000 pics and 10,000 videos to 30,000 users with any efficency on a single box. Not unless you happen to have an extra Cray X1 laying around.

    Not to mention, usually the adult webmasters know what they are doing and therefore the company spends less on support and more on the network and services. Support personell is a cost that if allowed to go on checked, can eat a company alive.

    Anymore, I am not doing business with hosts that wont allow adult content. Because while my adult site remains largely undeveloped, this is because I am too lazy to put the effort forward at this point, I still dont want a sqeemish host who is not going to hesitate to kill my server when they get a letter from some two-bit lawyer with some fancy letterhead and represents some big company has "taken offense" to one of my websites and dosent want thier client's name "associated with smut, lies and slander" and so on.

    And the arugment of dont host adult sites because they spam? Give me a break. Everyone spams thier stupid sites anymore. Its like a fashion statement. If you dont spam your site, your a nobody. I get spam advertising everything from work at home crap to lockpicks to breast enhancements to penis enlargements to killer deals on software that kills spam. I love that. They send spam advertising software that kills spam. What a joke. Whats next, popups that advertise popup killers? "Hate this popup? Make me and my friends die forever!".

    Corporate America does it, so it must be acceptable, right? I just got spam from FedEx the other day. I am thinking, "Gee, you dont need to spam. I already have an account with you all and I would never even think of using UPS in place of you."

    That is really unfair to say that adult sites spam more than anyone else. Sure, you may get more spam ADVERTISING adult sites than any other product. Usually this is some ***** with an affiliate account thinking he is gonna live it up at $0.15 a click. The sites that are being advertised usually dont know it is happening until they go to pay thier affiliates and start looking a thier logs. They can tell if the user clicked from an e-mail or a webpage somewhere.


    Be careful. If they hammer thier bandwidth to the ground, they might run a huge bill up and then not pay for it. Sometimes, a good approach might be "OK, you have 50GB a month, if you go over 80, you will need to put down a deposit of $XXX.00 to cover your usage within 48 hours or out you go".

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    Oh yeah, and if any of you are wondering, I have papers for my models, and I can prove that they were over the age of 18 when they were photographed.

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    Re: Why don't a lot of host not allow...?

    Originally posted by Csoves
    linking to adult-related material? I can understand why they might not want adult material on their servers, but why not linking?
    A well known web host that everybody knows (begins with a V and has 5 letters, including 3 vowels) does not distinguish between adult sites and non-adult sites as they are put on the same server. I have site with this host and they use Urchin for site stats. When looking at the site stats you can see porn domains listed as this and that. Doing a whois revealed that the sites were on the same server. I called the support and asked about it and they said yes they have everything on same servers. They did disable one domain but there is still some hot-linking and IP address hits posted. Try explaining to people when they see some eyebrow raisers as you are showing off your control panel and stats program. I guess some host just don't mind (I wonder how many religious groups they have).
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