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    Seeking part-time work

    In reference to my previous post a few weeks back looking for full-time work, my circumstances have changed. I will be going to University this October for three years and as those of you have been will know, you have a lot of free time (So i hear)

    I am looking for a role where perhaps I could work evening(s), or weekends perhaps doing remote support work? Tech support is usually more expensive over the weekend but being a student the weekend is where I currently work so I am well into the schedule.

    So... I hear you say - what can this guy offer us?

    • Experienced website designer/developer - I can maintain your website, client websites etc. I think this might be handy for some companies who don't have a dedicated website developer and can have one affordably at the click of their fingers.
    • I have experience with Windows 2000 server, IIS5 and configuration within - setting up sites, vd's, IP's etc
    • Excellent experience using Hosting Controller, H-sphere, Cpanel/Webhostingmanager
    • Long-time experience assisting webhosting companies with support via helpdesk
    • CISCO knowledge - IOS, rip, igrp, ospf etc etc
    • Experience in sales - I work part-time for the biggest Electrical retailer in the UK!

    I am able to adapt to any roles you may have so I urge you to consider me.

    What am I looking for?

    Reliable host who is looking for affordable, extra staff and can be trusted to have the funds and pay on-time so please no timewasters (sorry if that sounds harsh).

    Pay £5/hr (GBP) +

    I can do as many or as little hours as you require obviously at a prearranged date and I will handle all work in a professional manner.

    My resúme/curriculum vitae is available

    I can be contacted at

    Thanks for your time, and I look forward to hopefully hearing from some of you.

    Terry Jacobs
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