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    Fair price for VPN

    I'd like to see what you think it'd be fair price for a VPN service with shared and a dedicated IP. Note that I'm not looking for a VPN provider but I want a rough picture of what kind of prices to have for such service.

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    Look in WebHosting Offer Section. You will get much fair idea about the same.
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    I have seen providers as low as $10/mo and as high as $40/mo.

    Some important things to consider would be:

    1) Encryption level. 128bit is the lowest I have ever seen anyone provide, but 2048bit is really much more secure.

    2) Bandwidth that is included. Some of the low cost providers include a very very small amount of bandwidth, and then try to upsell you to a higher priced package.

    3) Reputation is important as well. I have heard of companies "snooping" traffic and that of course is not what you want.

    I hope that helps.
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