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    Looking for JAVA CHAT HOST

    Hello Friends,

    I am looking for a good Java Chat Hosting company. Currently the host that i am with using Volano chat, but they are not allowing me to use my own advertising banners.

    this is what i need

    Able to do Public/Private Chat
    Able to use my own banner ads
    able to handle more than 50 concurrent user at a time

    thanks guys

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    have you checked out and/org - there are some cool Java based chat softwares free of charge. When you find one that suits your needs, try to find a company that supports Java and your chat app on their servers

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    Hey Apollo,
    Do you recommend any free java script?

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    thanks again Apolo,

    I am looking for more user friendly Java chat servers! then the one you listed above!

    thanks again!

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