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    Question Looking for good Java Chat Hosting

    Hello Friends,

    I am looking for a good Java Chat Hosting company. Currently the host that i am with using Volano chat, but they are not allowing me to use my own advertising banners.

    this is what i need

    Able to do Public/Private Chat
    Able to use my own banner ads
    able to handle more than 50 concurrent user at a time

    thanks guys

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    This should be in the request forum.. And also specify your space/BW requirements. It helps im sure
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    You can contact these people.

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    Thanks OldOne for your prompt response, I check those two sites but their prices are too much! i am looking some one between $20/month the most......

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    Hello I am still waiting.........................................

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    You can try using JPilot located at For $50.00 its an amazing Java applet based on IRC chatting, and its very customizable, and customers seem to like it. You might want to check it out, or use the SEARCH function on these forums, this topic has been discussed before.


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    If it's ok with you to use an irc server, the jpilot applet would be a good choice. Then you could just have it on a single page, and manage your own banner ads within the page any way you wanted to. It's a very light applet too, so it loads fast, and it's pretty customizable. HTH

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    Do any of you guys host these chat server? how do I set up the IRC channel? is it a long process? I can't spent no more than $20

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    Well, it's a little bit different perhaps than you are used to. Nearly every hosting company will host a page containing the applet.

    Just purchase the applet license, and set it up on that website space. Then you can have the applet connect to an irc server (which are almost always free) where you will setup a chat channel. Using the chat might be a little more 'cut and dry' than the system you currently use, but it's very scaleable.

    Basically you'll pay monthly (or yearly) for website hosting,
    Pay the onetime license fee for the applet,
    Install the chat applet on a web page & configure it,
    Setup your banner ads on the same webpage.

    That's about all there is to it. There's quite a bit of info the the website too about using the applet, as well as some examples. I've setup a lot of these chats too if you need my help.

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