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    NEW Maxtor HDs with 8 MB Cache

    see Press Release .
    A 7200rpm-HD with 8 MB Cache for a Server will give him a good Speed for DB.
    Must say in the EIDE-Market are the Maxtor-HDs the best, I pers. only use them (IBM lost the Leadership since a long time; lost 2 IBM with bad Sectors).
    Not onyl that the use the ATA133 allready but new they also have SATA.
    The poorest EIDE-HDs are from Fujitsu (a Friend loost some Days ago one and in the Firm I work we have only Problems with them).
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    I've been using the New Western Digital 8MB cache drive for about 2 months now, the 8MB really makes a big difference in speed. It's the fastest ATA100 7200RPM drive out there now.
    I like Maxtor, it's nice to see that they are putting out something to compete with WD.
    You're right about IBM drives. I've had 2 Deskstars ( 60GXP's ) die on me. They were replaced with GXP120's but I still don't trust them.

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    Couple that with the fact that they now have a 1 year warranty and I think I will no longer be purchasing any Maxtor harddrives. I think ill just stick to SCSI with seek times 10ms lower, and warranties years long.

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    I have mixed feelings about WD, i've had them fail with bad sectors in within a year, although the new ones with the 8mb cache are pretty nice.

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    I've got a 40GB IBM 7200RPM HD .... its been OK so far
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    not a fan of Maxtor. I bought a 60gig for my desktop to join the 20 gig already installed and the computer refused to recognize it. Replaced it with a SeaGate (same stats - 7200 rpm IDE 60 gig) and all was sweet.

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