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    Bandwidth probelm, help !!

    hi all
    i just bought my dedicated server 1 week ago, and it is empy, i am only making my personal site, i have install a php whois script into my server. Well yestarday i have check my panel and in 1 week i have: Bandwidth Usage this month 3077.57 Megabytes arghh!!
    how can be possible??
    i am the only one that is working on my server so no hits or other site that make traffic.
    i have check also my webalizer and it show me this:

    # Hits KBytes URL

    1 1830 9.39% 3113163 99.05% /whois/

    what can i do to diminish my Bandwidth?


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    3077.57 Megabytes - is not that much, might be your own uploads? 3 Gegs is not that much. Please look at the "referer" URLS and their IP# - probably mostly yours?

    A host just sent me a bill for 4,000 Gegs bandwidth - but it turned out to be a "funny" glitch.

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    umm 3,5Gb in 1 week not is much?
    wel i dont have the voice reffer url

    All the voices are:
    Monthly Statistics for September 2002
    Hits by Response Code
    Daily Statistics for September 2002
    Hourly Statistics for September 2002
    Top 30 of 195 Total URLs
    Top 10 of 195 Total URLs By KBytes
    Top 8 of 8 Total Entry Pages
    Top 8 of 8 Total Exit Pages
    Top 30 of 821 Total Sites
    Top 10 of 821 Total Sites By KBytes
    Top 181 of 181 Total Referrers
    Top 1 of 1 Total Search Strings
    Top 15 of 227 Total User Agents
    Top 30 of 36 Total Countries

    which one i should check?


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    Top 181 of 181 Total Referrers

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    well in this voice i only have a list of link
    1 4698 24.12% - (Direct Request)

    but there are also a lot of site that i dont know why i am getting hits from him, my site is yet under construction

    what value i should show u to undestand if the problem are my upload?

    but i repet seem that the big problem is my script that take a lot
    Top 30 of 195 Total URLs
    1 1830 9.39% 3113163 99.05% /whois/

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    probably a open WHOIS cgi script and someone is using it to grab WHOIS info... do you need that script (in whois directory?) maybe you can shut it down?
    btw, only 1.8k hits.. I dont think it's a problem

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