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    server system comment

    Will this system configuration good to use as a server how reliable is it?

    AMD Athlon XP 2000+ (1.67GHz) 266MHz FSB CPU, Epox Motherboard, 512MB RAM, 80GB HDD, Intel 100 Pro Lan Card
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    How are you going to do backups?

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    depends what you use it for.. looks nice! lets just hope the system builder puts the heatsink/fan on properly

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    You need to post more details. What type/brand of memory, hard drive. Then as stated before, about the heatsink, though I have no experience with athlons, I have seen pics and stories of them overheating, gotta make sure that is cooled.
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    that system should be really nice..
    my desktop is an epox ep-8kha+ mb, xp 1700+, 512mb crucial, 60gb hd, $5 hs/fan (heh)

    its stable as hell ive run windows xp for over 8 weeks stright with no problems.. (well one.. when you have retards in the house who like to turn off every circuit breaker when they had to just press the reset button on the outlet)

    heat - at no load it stays at 107~F when i run like dnetc it goes to about 111F if i had something more than a $5 hs/fan it would probably be lower but ive never had any heating problems worked just fine when it was 125F in the garage lan party heh

    and if you have a tbred xp 2000+ it will probably run cooler or just about the same being that it would use less voltage with the smaller core
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