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    Gaming Servers & Hosting

    I am interested in offering gaming servers as an added service. Is there a good reseller that someone can suggest?

    Or perhaps someone is out there than can help me install and configure game servers for private and public use. I am new to this area and would like to know what hardware and software is required to run a game server. How many users can is support? What software do I need to install and how much does it cost?

    Has anyone been profitable or non-profitable by offering this type of service?

    I also may need to find an Administartior to monitor this gaming community.

    Can multiple games be ran on one server?

    I have 2 dedicated Windows 2000 servers in need of a project.

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    We've been working on a dedicated hosting solution for gamers looking to run their own servers for Quake, Counterstrike, etc. The over-head is very costly for us right now, having all of our resources tied into web hosting. We've been toying with the idea of offering dedicated servers with about 1mbps of bandwidth and having clans or gaming communities split the monthly cost, since it'd run anywhere from $100.00 to $300.00 per month. I've gotten a lot of requests for such a plan, but not enough to seriously look into it. Not yet anyway.
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  3. #3 has dedicated gaming servers for rent...check them out...

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    My fault, I thought you wanted to rent extra servers...I'm sure it would be VERY costly to your bandwidth to run a server on your own, not sure how many clans can actually afford to rent them either...from my POV anyway

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    Game server hosting is very expensive. I am trying to start my own game server company and its a very hard challenge. I have ran into many problems along the way. Servers also use a lot of bandwidth so its hard to earn a profit off of it. Thats why all, atleast the smart companies, charge a crazy amount of money. Griffin run has been in business for a while now, because they have higher pricing. Many startup companies charge 3 bucks a player and fail to stay in business because of bandwidth costs. Best of luck.

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    I am also interested in game servers. Would like o set one or two up. If you want to chat about it send me an email or im me on messenger.
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