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    Unhappy Backup Service Help

    Hey everyone,

    I'll be honest with you here, I came here just looking for answeres to my question and then leave. But I find this place to be quit helpful so I registered.

    Anyway here is what is going on, I am intrested in starting a remote backup service to sell to local companys, here is what I think i'll offer.

    I will of course offer the local software that backs up to my server, also I will have the web portal to retrieve file and see settings and so on,on top of that I will visit the location on the 1st and ending of every month and do norton hjost copys of the hard drives incase of emergency I can buy a hard disc and reload the pc, and visit my colocation to burn there backup to disc for reload as I reload the ghist image, to save the owner from re installing Os and software and drivers. All they would need to do is .. well nothing I think. By the time I leave site, they should in all reality have a pc in the same state as when the software last backed up.

    And lastly, I will offer remote hands with "gotoassist . com " for ANY reasonable PC problem be it networking settings or be it local os setting issues, and of course my own backup software issues.

    Everything will be included in the plan they pic, they plans will be based souly on the space they need, in wich I will visit locally and estimate for them to save them from over charging.

    I plan to be completely honest in this venture, so on with the question's.

    I am wanting to use backupagent . com mainly becouse there server software provides the best online portal look in my opinion and thats somthing i want my customers to apreciate.

    I am also wondering what kind of bandwith I will generally need as Id like to colocate two servers, one for backup, and one for a replication server.

    I would like opinions on the best software out there for this, I am aware of Rbs, Ahsay, Backupagent, novastore, but what one is the best looking/ functioning, and the price is a concern.

    The last thing I can thing of is I would also like to offer file stirage like box . net or somthign similar.. any thoughts on software, I have searched far and wide for somthing, but have come up empty handed..

    Sorry in advance for the long and dragging post, I'd love to hear your thoughts on anything here, advice, doubts anything..

    And would anyone want to test after i'm running?

    Thank;s guys.


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    Do you mean you will do the monthly visit to the colocation facility and do a backup? Or the actual persons place of business?
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    Well I guess you mean, that you'll be going to where they have their computers, back it up with Nortan Ghost, and then go to your Colo'd server facility and download the image into your server, right? Some clients may appreciate that, some may not. But really, they would probably like an automatic solution of backups (with maybe the option of manual ones).

    The bandwidth between two different servers in one facility should be essentially free if the facility offers VLAN, but it'd probably be cheaper to just use a RAID Array for a harddisk failure, and possibly another set of HDD's in the same box that will backup the primary harddrive(s) at certain intervals.

    Anyway, I can't help you much with what backup software to use as I don't use anything, but rsync for my servers and for ghost images at home, I use g4u (ghost4UNIX, though it can be used on any computer).

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    * Yes


    Yes I will be visiting the company's location.. I am speaking along the lines of subway, a hair cutting studio or a insurance company, etc.

    I will also offer server backup but most company's that have server's in house are keane to this already, I would not offer Ghost imaging (I'd make it know I do offer it standard for pc and latop users) unless they wanted to inquire about it.

    I will keep the ghost images on a iscsi dell san I have hear at my office's. It's 3 tb and I have 2 of these. So i can keep two seperate instances of the semi monthly ghost backups.

    I am just thinking if I were a company not to savvy with technology, i'd love somone to offer me automatic remote backup software with 128 bit encryption with bare metal backup twice monthly, and free remote hands of my hardeware at my office.

    I really would like to hear your ideas on this, I think it is a great service, but I am the one starting it, it's like thinking your kid is the best out there.

    Also if anyone is familiar with the software, let me know. I think I am going with backup agent . com.


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    Hi Curtis,

    yes, i am familiar with the software of we are a UK based managed service provider and are using this software for over 2 years now.
    Our customers are very happy and so are we. The software is feature rich and user friendly. Besides, the company is very flexible and has excellent support.

    About collecting the data locally; that is what we also provide to our customers. BackupAgent calls it 'seed load technology'; backing up the data locally on a hard drive and ship it to the data center.
    Even better is that you can also ship the data from the data center back to the customer in case of a crash or something like that, e.g. within a couple of hours. This way, your customers can agree on an SLA with you.

    BTW: on another forum; there was also a discussion on;

    Good luck!


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