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    Help me look for a webhost

    Hello guys,

    I need your help to look for a webhost.

    Keywords are:

    $100 a year
    10+ GB data transfer
    100+ MB webspace
    good uptime
    very very reliable

    I already have sites at Tera-byte and Aletia. So I want another webhost. I dont like to put many sites at one webhost! I like to "spread the risk".

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    this is very easy. First post in the requests forum at the bottom of the main page. Make SURE you put EXACTLY what you want. Do not put anything like will accept all other offers, you will get junk. Then wait a few hours. You should recive a few requests. Next search here or on the web for the companies, see what others think of them. Then choose your host.
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    funny.. we had a special last week for exactly that (pretty much) but no-one bit the apple. As self promo prevents me pointing you at the thread, I'd suggest you post a request in the request forum, stating you requirements and check out the offers you receive.

    The rider to that is, often the people who respond in the requests forum are untried businesses, ready to offer everything for next to nothing. If you find an offer that suits your needs check them out on this forum, google, and run a whois check on them to see who long they've been running their business for.

    Alternatively, you may get referrals from other hostee's with a service to recommend.

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    I recommend to you

    It's very fast and reliable host.

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