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    MySQL word search

    Climbing the mySQL learning curve, need a hand.

    I have a field with Company names, say 1-6 words. What is the best way to set up a multiple keyword query (assume AND search) to do a word search on company names? e.g. searching on "Ford Motor" should match "Ford Motor Company" but not "Waterford Motoring Mills"

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    Do you also want "Ford Motor" to find such things as "Fordham Motoring" and "Motorboats by Fordham"? If so, one way to do it is,

    $xArray = explode(" ", $search);
    foreach($xArray as $key=>$value)
    $searchWhere .= " (MySQL_Field like '$value%'
    or MySQL_Field like '% $value')
    and ";
    // finish the final "and"
    $searchWhere .= " MySQL_Field != ''";
    // Make the query
    $query = "SELECT * from TABLE where $searchWhere ";
    // etc.

    It's best of course to also clean the data; each term should be stripped of HTML and other code, and quotes and so on should be stripped. The foreach will fail if there's an empty $search so that's got to be tested too.

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