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    cannot rec. email - sendmail errors


    I am hoping someone here can help me.

    For some reason I am not able to rec. email on my ensim.

    I am able to send with no problems, but cannot rec.

    I have reviewed my maillog, and will paste the errors that are in it.

    Sep 6 23:15:15 ensim sendmail[29591]: g86MFOc25592: smtpquit: mailer virthostmail exited with exit value 70

    Sep 6 23:15:16 ensim sendmail[29750]: g875FGr29750: SYSERR(root): SMTP-MAIL: died on signal 11

    Appreciate any help or advice any can offer.



    Problem solved, just needed to change my hostname from to my own. Once that was done, restarted server, and email started working.

    Have to thank Rackshack for helping me out with this problem.
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