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    Post Will work for host (seriously)

    Ok, so that got your attention (hopefully). I'm looking to do some work in return for a dedicated server (preferably with cpanel, though that's not really a requirement).
    My skills:
    Linux system administration:
    I use linux not just at the office, but at home as well, I have for 5 years or better, and will continue to do so. Window$ is a swear word around me! In these years, I have become rather fluent with shell environments (to the point of creating my own environment for bash (misc aliases, etc that make my job 10x easier to do on an every day basis)).

    Web development
    From php to Mysql I've seen and done quite a bit of it, and I don't intend on stopping any time soon. Example sites: (some aren't finished, or even close to being so yet)
    Dreamless Realms
    This started out a PHP-Nuke project, and has been nuked in and of itself (registration is currently disabled), in order to provide resources for a telnet based mud game that I run and administer.
    The Olc Pages
    The Olc Pages provide guidelines and a standard as well as manual for Rom OLC based games (99.999% complete)
    The Wolfie Papers
    This is my own personal site, something I've had going for some 5 years. I haven't integrated it using php (yet) but I'll get to it.
    Waterloo/Cedar falls Community Networks
    WCF Community is intended to be a local network for individuals to get together and discuss local happenings, find out what's going on, etc. Currently slated to open Jan (or so) 2003
    Wolfstream Internet Services
    This is the monster of our services. Unfortunately, for the most part this isn't ready yet, although I'm working rather heavily on getting it so.

    System Security and Monitoring
    Nobody can be up 24 hours a day. To expect someone to do that is just ridiculous (though the past few days I really wonder about that). I'm usually up most of the day and into the early morning, however, as I work 3rd shift for the city. Even if I wasn't working 3rd shift, I would still be up , because I'm just a night owl like that!!

    Customer Support
    With my experience, I'd gladly offer a hand at support, when I'm available to do so (generally, again most of the afternoon, evening, or, late evening to afternoon, depending on the schedule)

    Misc. Technical Skills
    Just ask.. If it involves Linux, then chances are I can do it. If not, I find a way to get it done (no exists in my vocabulary, but it's not exctly a word I use frequently)

    As far as requirements:
    I need a rather later (1g+ processor, with minimum 700m+ ram), 2 ip's, and a 20-60g drive (the more the better). While I realize these are high standards, I've found that I need them to keep things survived. Currently, I'm running services off of a basic cable modem (though I haven't opened the doors so to speak yet, so i can afford to do that without breaking their agreements), but I will obviously need more than just a cable/DSL network to work with.

    Just a final note:
    The server I decide to go with won't ALWAYS be non-paid. When the family of services I'm working with launches as well as it should, I will begin paying for these services, and will still (occasionally) help out as time is available.

    Now I realize that I've probably opened up a LOT of room for flames, but please, I try to keep myself as professional as possible, i'd appreciate it if those around could do the same.

    Sound interesting? Here's how to contact me:
    Email : [email protected]
    ICQ : 153158973
    AiM : twhiting9275
    Yahoo: twhiti
    MSN : [email protected]
    Please note:
    IF you contact me, please tell me why you're contacting me (make it clear that you're responding to this), and if I don't respond directly, give it time, I may have fallen asleep (Trillian doesn't work well with idling under Linux).

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.
    Wolfstream Internet Services

    --edited to clarify one point [TJW]
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    Originally posted by dreamHOBO
    I don't think many people are impressed by the fact that you want a dedicated server. Most people probally assumed you meant a hosting package, which would be worth while. Almost all the people here are too cheap to give you a dedicated for work. Although, if you find someone, do tell.
    I disagree. A dedicated server would be cheap considering what he's exchanging in his support work. Good Linux techs don't come cheap. Aussie Bob, host since 2001
    Host Multiple Domains on Fast Australian Servers!!

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    * Actually

    Surprise, surprise, I've had a few serious inquiries into the post, and I've accepted one.

    As far as people being too "cheap" here, as someone said already, it's pretty simple:

    Price what you'd pay for a dedicated Linux tech, someone familliar with OS ins and outs, someone familliar with networking and various technical issues, someone who's willing to sit around and talk to the newbies, someone who's willing to spend a saturday night repairing someone else's screw up. You tell me that's NOT worth a dedicated server?

    I dunno if you've been out pricing tech support lately, but it can get QUITE expensive.

    I'm not saying that a dedicated server's not up there in price (generally between 150-600 US), but think about what you're getting for that server, what that person got for it.

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