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    how to recover password Admin Cpanel DirectAdmin.

    My server had been hack, Password Cpanel Direct Admin is change, Email of account admin is chagne. I have account console, ssh root . How to get password cpanel direct admin.

    Please help me !


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    What control panel are you using? You mention cPanel and DirectAdmin, I guess I am confused.
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    1. If you are using the "whm/cpanel" control panel, you can change your root password, with the "passwd" command.

    2. If you are using the DirectAdmin control panel, and you have root access via SSH you can change your admin password with the "passwd admin" command.
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    Thank RoseHosting, tanFWC.
    i changed password and install chkrootkit, clamav and mod_security.
    again thank you to friends.

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    Kind Advice.

    Make sure that you contact a server administration company and make the server harden and fill the loop holes.

    Also, analyze the cause of hack.

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