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    NFS Mounting Issue

    Hi everyone,

    Friends of mine are trying to convert their network over to 85-90% linux, and NFS was their solution for sharing apps. They are having a problem, asked me, and I don't know much about NFS myself, so I'd thought I'd ask over here for them.

    It appears NFS regardless of telling it to mount the directories read/write only wants to mount them as read only.

    To be a bit more specific, they are trying to mount /home on the server as an NFS file system.
    /etc/exports = /home (rw)

    And mount the NFS share in fstab on the clients.
    serverip:/home /mnt nfs rw 0 0

    It mounts, however it is only read-only.

    They copied the UID and GID exactly as on the server as well, so I believe it is not a permissions issue on the local systems, but in how NFS is handling the mounted /home

    Does anyone have any ideas on here? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!
    Jay Kaplan
    Next Generation Hosting

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    I figured it out. Mods, you can close this thread. Thanks!
    Jay Kaplan
    Next Generation Hosting

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