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    Industry Standard or just a fluke?

    I am curious. We have been trying to get a dedicated server for about two months now from a few different server providers in various NOCs and every single one has had trouble getting the servers in when they said they could in pre-sales! Luckily so far, each has been gracious in offering a refund, but my god, what is going on here? We are a rapidly expanding company and we are having trouble finding good server providers, maybe we should look into Colo, eh?
    We have cancelled three servers orders in that time simply because each promised a server within a certain amount of time and then after a very long wait, an average of about 2 weeks, we STILL did not have a server. I wont name any one in particular (I am not trying to bash anyone here), I just want to know if this is the norm for others out there: for providers to promise a server in X days, and then still have not delivered in two, three, or even five times that?

    Is this the industry standard? God I hope not...
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    I suppose that truly depends on the company and the price. If you considering rackshack or others like that, they base server sales purly on whats *in stock* and they only buy X amount of servers every X days. That i'd say is the norm for those... now if your talking about a mid range dedicated server provider then I'd truly hope its not the norm.
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