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Thread: Raq4i Crashes

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    Angry Raq4i Crashes

    I have a Raq4i with all the latest patches that just started crashing the last couple days. When it crashes it does not totally go down. Http & Webmin still work but Smtp, Pop3, & Dns die. Webmin also refuses to reboot it but acts like it does. I have MRTG, MailScanner & Spam Assasin installed also. All this has been working fine for months.

    I have also noticed problems with the webmail lately though. As noted:

    I also noticed this in the kernal log file:

    Any ideas?

    Aug 30 09:29:16 ns1 kernel: lockd_up: makesock failed, error=-111
    Aug 30 09:29:16 ns1 kernel: portmap: RPC call returned error 111
    Aug 30 09:29:16 ns1 kernel: RPC: task of released request still queued!
    Aug 30 09:29:16 ns1 kernel: RPC: (task is on xprt_pending)
    If I had to guess at the most recent change I made to the Raq it had to be adding the "CGIWrap Update 2.0.1" patch.

    Any suggestions?

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